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Whilst coaching approaches are numerous, what we are essentially looking for from a coach is objectivity, accountability and inspiration. Objectivity has often been the toughest of these to achieve – especially when coaching athletes remotely. However, having positioned themselves at the forefront of data driven coaching over the past number of years, Rule 5 Endurance is perfectly placed to provide that objectivity. Through empirical and scientific analysis of their athletes’ data, Rule 5 coaches can see exactly where an athlete needs to focus their efforts in training to improve quickly. Thus, every plan is individually tailored for each individual athlete ensuring no ‘junk miles’ and the very best return for the time committed.


Similarly, Rule 5 coaches have extensive experience of many of the world’s most popular cycle, running and triathlon races. Incorporating a scientific approach and use of technology such as WKO4 and Best Bike Split, they can tailor a training program, not just to an individual athlete, but for the event the athlete has identified as his or her A-Race.


Taking the guess work out of your training means that at the very least, your training becomes more efficient and your races no longer a case of “just go out and try your best”. For long term coaching plans and race specific consultations, one need look no further than Rule 5 Endurance.

Neill Keaney

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